Standing the test of time

Our humble origins in Pasadena, CA still hold true to this day. Providing customers with a sanctuary to focus solely on the process of choosing the hardware that will stand the test of time.

Relocation to newport beach, ca

To accommodate the growing demand for custom hardware solutions in Orange County, we eventually made the move to Newport Beach, CA. Over the years we’ve built a strong connection to the community and its residents.

The Newport Beach Storefront

The Newport Beach storefront and showroom have gone through various upgrades and expansions. We have designed our store around exclusivity and feel customers deserve a place to come and explore various products in a calm environment.

Integrated Showrooms

The showroom has been a staple within our business and continues to be a home to display and share the products we love.

Focused on quality

Providing a place for our customers to learn, feel and imagine has always been a strong focal point within our business. Even from the early days our unique showroom experience has been one-of-a-kind and we want everyone to get a sense of our passion for finish hardware.

Modern day storefront

Our showroom continues to provide Southern California with passionate service and product knowledge that goes far beyond a traditional hardware store. The building, construction or re-model process can be extensive and stressful. From start to finish, we provide a home to truly discover and learn about the products that are best for your project or your home.